Current Vendors

**Please note:  Vendors at the market change throughout the season depending on the the availability of their products.

NEW for 2020!

A & A Fresh and Healthy

Located in Clear Creek, A & A is a family owned bakery specializing in using local, organic and non-gmo ingredients to create mouthwatering desserts and baked goods.  A list of the ingredients they use and where they source them can be found on their website.  

B & C Farms

Located just outside of Langton, B & C Farms raise grain-fed, antibiotic and hormone free beef.  They take pride in raising their animals and enjoy being able to provide amazing beef to their community.

Birdhouse farms

At Birdhouse Farmers, Marsha and Lauren raise their animals the way nature intended, because healthy animals equals a healthy product for you and the environment.  They offer pasture raised chicken and pork, and grass fed beef. 

Blueberry Hill Estates

A local blueberry farm in St. Williams, Blueberry Hill produces much more than their fresh, juicy berries! They also have a great selection of wines and hard ciders, jams and jellies, pickled vegetable preserves, and baked goods all produced on-site at their farm and often incorporating their blueberries!   

Dancing Pig Farms

Located in Walsingham, Gordon and Socorro Chinnick, grow non-GMO, pesticide-free vegetables, fruits, herbs, flowers, nuts, and grains using organic seed and compost.  Having just started their farm in 2019 they have worked hard to produce a large variety of wholesome fruits and vegetables.  They also run a CSA if you would like to receive a weekly box that you can pick up at the Farmers’ Market. 

NEW for 2022!

Canvas & Carvings

Chuck and SherylLynn Powell love to create!  Long-time residents of the area they have beautiful local framed photos and hand-crafted decoys. 

Den Besten Rainbow Trout Farm

The Den Besten Trout Farm specializes in farm raised rainbow trout. With a selection of flavours, including plain, maple, garlic pepper, lemon pepper, and dutch there is something tasty for everyone! They also sell frozen fish fillets. 

Pine Away Rustic Studio

Creating beautiful bouquets from locally grown greenhouse flowers, Lindsey will have you covered when you need some extra beauty in your day! Also carrying wood signs and art, you can find your next treasure!  

Good Bread Company

This artisanal bakery located in Vittoria, specializes in using the best ingredients, organic if available, locally-grown and locally-milled as much as possible to create old world style breads, pastries, rolls, and treats.  The line-ups are usually long to get some of this well-named bread!

The Flower Cart

Grown in her garden near Port Rowan, Erica has a beautiful selection of fresh cut flowers bouquets beautifully displayed on her flower cart! Sunflowers, zinnias, calendula, daisies and more – add a smile to your day with a beautiful homegrown bouquet! 

Helene World of Weaving

Helene loves to weave! She has a few different sized looms and uses a variety of cotton and acrylic yarns to create beautiful dish towels, beach towels, blankets, bags and more.  Also a talented baker and home gardener you can usually find some yummy baked goods or preserved products at her booth!

Heritage Lane Produce

(products carried by Just Greens)​

On their fifth generation family farm, near Langton, Greg and Victoria Boyd take pride in growing a wide variety of quality produce.  Taking care of the soil and refraining from pesticide use on their crops they grow some beautiful veggies you can feel good about eating.  


Hometown Brewing Company

A family affair of three brothers and cousins, started Hometown Brewing Company and Hometown Hop Company in 2016. They had always talked about about building something together. With a shared background in farming and drinking beer they put their passion to work and created a successful and popular local brewing company.


Inasphere Winery & Farm Market

Bringing fresh produce from their farm market, Inasphere grows cabbage, tomatoes, Roma’s, red & white onions, sweet corn, cucumbers, melons & pumpkins. They also have in season fruits and veggies available from other Norfolk farms.


JD Microgreens

JD Microgreens is a family farm located near Nixon. Started in the winter of 2021 by Danielle Jones (with the help of her husband and two children), they use non-GEO/GMO certified organic seeds grown in a soilless mix. Once germinated the power of the sun in a greenhouse grows their healthful microgreens that are hand- harvested the day of sale for peak freshness. Microgreens maybe small but are packed with flavour, texture and nutrients

JLK Farms

Located just north of Port Rowan on the East 1/4 Line, JLK is a family run asparagus farm.  You can purchase fresh picked asparagus, first or second grade, by the bundle or already bagged when in season in June.  Lisa also sells the best pickled asparagus!

Just Greens

Myles Falconer grows exceptional quality bagged mixed greens, baby kale, lettuce mixes, arugula and microgreens, including sunflower, radish and peas shoots.  When available he also has carrots, radishes, peppers, fresh herbs, and tomatoes.

Just Perennials

Based in Port Dover, Brian Arsenault grows thousands of plants each year.  With a wide selection of home grown perennials for sale you are bound to find something new for the garden.  Brian also makes and sells handcrafted flower boxes, flags and signs. 

Justphoria Soaps Plus

Located in Clear Creek, Linda makes a variety of all natural bath and body products, including soaps, bath bombs, shampoo bars, salves, lotions and more!  All products are locally sourced. Flowers used are homegrown and most oil used for soap has been infused with the main ingredient.  

Kent Creek Orchard

Frank and Natalie Hahn have 13 varieties of apples on their farm near Simcoe.  Not only are their apples delicious but they also have so much more available, including apple cider, fresh cut glads, handmade soaps, fresh herbs, honey, raspberries, peaches, and more!

Mat's Fine Oils

Specializing in fresh pressed oils and milled flour from crops their naturally farmed crops, you can’t beat the nutrition and freshness of Mat & Dorothee’s products.  They also take great care to build their soil health, using horses on the farm, and growing organically for all their crops. 


K & M Customized Creations

Customized Creations is a small home based business located in beautiful Norfolk County,  Ontario. As a husband & wife team, they love designing and creating unique customized projects, specializing in personalized One-of-a-Kind Designs on many different types of surfaces. They absolutely love working with wood and resin!

Kimmy Suz' Pottery

Kim Millen has recently learned pottery and been creating unique and beautiful pottery ever since.  From mugs, to bowls and decorative pieces your bound to find something you love! 

Meadow Lynn Farm

Meadow Lynn Farms grows June bearing strawberries, and specializes in growing numerous varieties. With names like Cavendish, Jewel and Valley Sunset you can discover the subtle ranges in strawberry flavour. They also carry wonderful juice, jelly and syrup, all made with their own strawberries of course!

Murray Maple Products

(products carried by Kent Creek Orchard)

On a century old farm, near Vanessa, Kris and Mark Murray have modernized their maple syrup production to efficiently produce pure maple syrup with rich, robust flavour.  Available in various size jugs and bottles,  they also sell assorted maple treats, flavoured popcorn, and honey.  Everything sweet!

Orange Door Acres

(products carried by B & C Farms)

From their small family farm in Mount Elgin, Tim and Donna Norris, produce superior tasting artisanal chicken raised on pasture without the use of antibiotics.  They also carry free range eggs, custom spice blends and local Gunn’s Hill and Jensen artisan cheese.

Perry Corner's Farm

With the goal to produce the best quality nourishing food, Megan Thomas farms OLD SCHOOL.  100% grassfed beef and lamb, heritage pork and free-range eggs are produced from animals raised in their natural environment, free to roam outside and supplemented with real food produced on-site or locally. Choose from burgers, steaks, chops, sausages, ground beef, summer sausage, pepperettes and more! 


Rob's No Spray Plants & Vegetables

Specializing in different varieties of potatoes, beans, and yellow corn, Rob grows an assortment of fruits and veggies all grown without pesticides.  He also grow heirloom varieties of potted tomatoes and peppers for the garden. 

Seedbox Wild Plant Studio

With a focus on small scale sustainable, local sourcing and growing of native plants with a hands-on approach, Kristen Sandvall has a mix of products, including some quite rare native plants, that are perfect for the local home gardener looking to add beauty and conservation value to their yards.


Simcoe Mushroom Farm

(products carried by Rob's No Spray Veggies)

The Aluakh family began growing mushroom in January 2020 at their farm in Simcoe, where they have enjoyed the challenge and labour intensive work of learning to grow quality mushrooms.  They offer a great selection of white button, cremini, portobello and oyster varieties all grown organically. 


Shirley Blackwell keeps busy with her handmade sewing creations including children’s clothing, aprons, pot holders, quilts, placemats, wine bottle bags. Check out her beautiful produce bags pictured here.  What a beautiful way to bring home your fresh fruit and veggies!  

Socks by Crank

Sue Moore uses an old style crank machine to make beautiful woven socks in many funky and fun patterns!  Warm and cozy they make a great gift for someone special! 

So Sweet

Darcy Swannell creates delicious all natural, small-batch hand-crafted ice cream.  With flavours like Rhubarb Ginger Ripple and Peanut Butter Cup there is always something new to try.  Using quality ingredients, local where possible, you won’t find any extras or additives in this extra special treat!  

The Little Farmers' Market

Serena and Braden’s family farm specializes in peppers, sweet and hot varieties.  They also grow lots of other produce including beans, squash, corn, cucumbers, tomatoes and more! You can also find fresh berries at their stand that they have sourced directly from local farms. 

The Martin Farm

Denise and Andrew Martin grow a variety of fruit and veggies all naturally in their home garden.  Sweet strawberries, potatoes, onions, tomatoes, beans, watermelons, squash, fresh cut flowers and more! 


The Rose and Daffodil Bakery

With many years experience working in bakeries, Debra and Angela have recently teamed up to create a local bakery that prides itself on using local products in their baking, supporting local businesses and reducing their carbon footprint on the world. Their packaging is biodegradable where possible and they take measures to reduce kitchen waste where possible.


The School House Garden

Specializing in dehydrated fruit snacks, gluten free baked goods and other natural healthy food, you can find may made from scratch products from The School House Garden that will make you feel good about snacking on the go! 


Uncle Dad's Pizza

Mathew, and his wife Sharon, take care to make a variety of delicious pizzas with good wholesome ingredients and no artificial products.  A favourite of many market goers you won’t be disappointed by the exciting flavour combinations of ready-made-pizzas. 


Wildflowers Honey

Cultivating connection to nature through gatherings, bees, and botanicals, Chuck Magri from the Wildflowers Honey farm will bring a wide selection of sustainably harvested, unpasteurized, honey products to the market.