About Us

The Port Rowan Farmers’ Market is a seasonal market featuring farm fresh produce, local meats, baked goods, fresh cut flowers, artisanal food, and handcrafted products. We are located in the picturesque Port Rowan Harbour under the Lions Pavilion and run every Friday 3 to 6 pm from June till Thanksgiving weekend.  The Port Rowan Farmers’ Market is run by a dedicated team of volunteers who love bringing local food to their community.  It is a producer-only market, meaning that only vendors who grow or produce their own products are allowed to sell at the Port Rowan Farmers’ Market.  The only exception is that some vendors may sell a proportion of products that come directly from other local farms or producers if the product is not otherwise available at the Port Rowan Farmers’ Market.

Our Mission

The mission of the Port Rowan Farmers’ Market is to support local, organic, and sustainable agriculture and to build community by providing; an accessible and welcoming environment where local residents, cottagers, and tourists can purchase fresh, quality food and products directly from local farmers, producers and artisans.

Criteria for accepting vendors is simple: Grow It, Make It, Bake It, Create It! This is a producers market and we do not accept products that are re-sale of wholesale or mass manufactured goods. Priority is given to vendors from the region.

Towards Zero Waste Shopping

The Port Rowan Farmers’ Market strives to reduce its environmental footprint by encouraging the use of reusable, recyclable and compostable packaging options.   We offer durable, reusable tote bags and produce bags for purchase, and encourage our vendors to offer plastic-free, sustainable packaging options.  

You can help too!

  • Bring your own reusable bags and produce bags.
  • Bring your own reusable containers to fill for items that don’t work in bags (i.e. baked goods, fish).
  • Return containers like jars, quart baskets and egg cartons to vendors for reuse.  
  • Bring a reusable water bottle or cup.  Potable water and sometimes other refreshments are available on-site.  Alternatively, we sell Ginger and Root Beer from Nickel Brook Brewery Co. in returnable bottles.
Large, durable canvas totes made in in Walton, Ontario are available for purchase for $22.
Organizers, Betty Chanyi, left, Karla Falk, and Stephanie Zakel (holding her son Ethan) welcomed locals and tourists to Friday's opening of the Port Rowan Twilight Farmers' Market. - Photo by J.P. Antonacci, Norfolk News, 2015. 

How it all Began

The Port Rowan Farmers’ Market first began in 2013 when Rick Posavad of the Good Bread Company organized a group of vendors on Friday mornings at the Lions Pavilion in the Port Rowan Harbour.  To the disappointment of many in the community the farmers’ market did not run the subsequent year due to zoning issues and the time commitment required to organize.  That is when a group of local residents who missed having the market in the community stepped in.  So in 2015, the market started up again, this time on Friday afternoons, 3 to 7 pm (it was shortened to 3 to 6 pm in 2016).  With new vendors and a new time slot more accessible for working patrons and weekend visitors, the market has been growing strong ever since.  With many of the original vendors as well as lots of new ones it has grown a dedicated customer base and continues to be run by many of the same volunteers.  It is full of community and great place to be on Friday afternoons!